The Republic of Srpska:
Your Smart Choice for Business and Investment

Stimulating investment environment, complemented by human capital, enormous resources, and incredible geographical position, make Republic of Srpska the perfect place for your business.

Reasons for Investment

The Republic of Srpska is an ideal ground for investors due to its legislations, enormous resources, and a whole spectrum of opportunities.

The position of investor is highly protected and brings many benefits; most importantly tax exemptions, incentives and much more. The constitution and legislations guarantee equal rights to residents, and every shape or form of discrimination is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, the Republic of Srpska has a suitable labor market, enormous resources, and potentials that could be turned into highly profitable businesses and projects. All capitals you need are here.

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Numerous Incentives

Numerous Incentives

Institutional support, finantial incentives, subventions, tax exemptions - all aim to build better business environment for you.

Rich in Resources

Rich in Resources

The Republic of Srpska is rich in natural and other significant resources that represent great potential for each investor. No matter the industry.

Geographical Position

Geographical Position

Position is important. Good connection with the rest of Europe makes it much easier to build a business in the Republic of Srpska.

Adequate Legislation

Adequate Legislation

Investors in the Republic of Srpska have an equal position as the residents. Aside from that, they have many more valuable benefits.

PrivredTouristic Destination

Touristic Destination

Tourism is a growing industry. The Republic of Srpska is an attractive location for tourists and yearly-growing numbers confirm this statement.

Human Capital

Human Capital

The workforce is a significant factor of success and one of the biggest advantages of growing a business in the Republic of Srpska.

Government building

The Republic of Srpska

Territory: 25,053km2 Population: 1,170,342
Capital city: Banja Luka Currency: Convertible mark (BAM)


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