Višković: Republika Srpska Invests in Economy

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The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, stated that salaries in Srpska are increasing, the economy is competitive, and tax incentives are the most stimulating in the region.

– Republika Srpska annually invests 420 million KM in the economy, and that will be the case next year, in 2025. When considering the past few years, this amounts to more than 1.2 billion KM. That’s why we have salary growth, a competitive economy, and the most stimulating tax incentives in the region – said Višković, responding to statements from the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Srpska, Pero Ćorić, and the Vice President of the Union of Employers, Dejan Mijić.

Ćorić emphasized the need to improve the quality of education in Srpska to align it with the labor market and to provide 30 million KM to entrepreneurs in the Republic’s budget for the next year.

– Challenges are becoming more evident; the energy crisis continues, inflation is present, there is a shortage of workforce, impacting the business operations of the economy this year – said Ćorić, discussing the Proposal for the Economic Reform Program of Republika Srpska for the period 2024–2026.

He pointed out that it is evident that there is no increase in funds for the economy in the budget of Republika Srpska for the next year, specifically for improving business operations and technological development.

– I call on the government to define an amount of 30 million KM so that entrepreneurs are encouraged for new investments, higher salaries, and technological development – added Ćorić.

He highlighted the need for more funds for entrepreneurs’ participation in trade fairs but also emphasized the need to work more intensively on supporting employment in the economy due to an apparent lack of workforce.

– We understand the issues in healthcare and education, but these areas cannot thrive without a successful economy. I expect the government and the National Assembly to intensify collaboration with entrepreneurs to enhance reform processes – emphasized Ćorić.

Mijić stated that the Union of Employers consistently contributes to shaping economic policies with the aim of creating a productive and socially just community.

– Given the significant outflow of citizens, it is necessary to create an environment in which people can live better quality lives. It is essential to promote work and work habits, highlighting the advantages of living in Srpska and the problems of those who go abroad to live – said Mijić.

He believes that the economy is in need of technological development but also a workforce.

– It is necessary to dedicate ourselves to work and the overall progress of Republika Srpska. Economic development has created the need for more skilled workers – said Mijić.

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