A contract for the transport of iron was concluded with a Slovak company


The company “Railways of the Republic of Srpska”, together with the “Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, signed today a contract on the international transport of goods with the transport company “Budamar logistik” from Slovakia.

The contract defines the transport of a total of 150,000 tons of coal, iron ore and pig iron, which will be transported by the transport route “Pet ce” through Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the route Luka Ploče-Čapljina-Šamac-Slovačka, it was reported from “Zeljeznica Republika Srpska”

Zeljko Radic, Acting General Director of Railways of Republika Srpska, said that one pair of trains will transport the contracted quantities of goods to Slovakia per day, and the contract defines that about 50,000 tons will be transported on a monthly basis until the end of the year.

In the coming days, we expect the first couple of trains to head to Central Europe. We are determined and persevere in our intention, to be at the service of the economy of Republika Srpska, the environment and beyond – said Radic.

The contract on the transport of goods from the Port of Ploce to Central Europe will be implemented by the end of this year, with the tendency to contract new quantities and another pair of trains in 2023.

Slovak company “Budamar logistik” occupies a prominent position when it comes to international forwarding and since its establishment in 2002, it has become the leading company in Slovakia in terms of transport, reported Srna.



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