Bh. mountain large construction site: Twenty hotels are currently under construction


The director of the “Jahorina” Olympic Center, Dejan Ljevnaić, visited the works at the Skočine-Prača site a few days ago, where the most modern system for artificial snowmaking is being built.

“We want to make snow on tracks six and six b. The news is that the “Snow Factors” system will be installed on the Skočine plateau, which produces artificial snow under all conditions, regardless of the air temperature, and the guests of Jahorina will be given additional,maximum safety in the snow during the entire winter season”, Ljevnaić told reporters during a tour of the works and said that this Olympic beauty is the largest construction site in the Republic of Srpska this year thanks to the support of the Government of Srpska and the member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.

Ljevnaić explained that in the new winter season, these ski slopes will receive a system with a newly built lake for artificial snowmaking with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters.

According to him, the Olympic Center is entering the upcoming winter season with numerous novelties, and two new lifts are being built, namely the “Oštra glava” ski-lift plate for the youngest skiers on the Trnovo track, 120 meters long, and the new “Prača” ski-lift anchor, on the track of the same name, 900 meters long, and 3.5 kilometers of new lighting for night skiing.

He adds that they must not leave out the new sledding track on track seven, 700 meters long, as well as the new snowboard park on the Trnovo track, with an area of 3,000 square meters, equipped with obstacles and jumps for performing the most fun tricks on the snow.

He says that they continue with investments on Jahorina, complete their offer and want to offer skiers the best this winter, and that the Government of the Republic of Srpska has invested more than 200 million KM on the mountain and that 20 hotels are currently being built on the mountain.

Ljevnaić reminded that they are working on the construction of the new “Igrišta” ski center, where they are investing more than 50 million KM in infrastructure, in new trails, a snowmaking system and a new six-seater that will be built, reports Businessinfo.


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