Bingo in Banja Luka is opened: 180 more jobs


With the presence of a large number of customers, the company Bingo opened a new retail facility in Banja Luka. On the surface of about 10,000 m2, which is the total area of the building, there is a modernly equipped store, which offers customers a unique experience of buying clothes and shoes, appliances, furniture, but also groceries from a rich assortment of delicatessen, butchery, fresh fruit and vegetables categories, as well as others household items.

In addition to the hypermarket, the new facility also contains a game room, restaurant, pharmacy, jewelry store, mobile phone shop, flower shop, hairdressing and beauty salon, and currency exchange office.

The official start of the market was marked by the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, which was cut by the mayor of Banja Luka, Draško Stanivuković, together with Bingo representatives.

Draško Stanivuković congratulated all employees of the company “Bingo” on the new beginning in this city.

“This building will beautify this city, and I, as the mayor, am honored because the City Administration dedicated itself to this significant investment with love and joy,” said Stanivuković. According to him, this is significant from several aspects.

As he pointed out, this company has been present in Banja Luka for a long time, but this is the first time that it has been presented in this style and in an environment of 10,000 square meters. “All big plans and undertakings have many challenges and obstacles, but together with the company “Bingo” we successfully overcame it in record time, because this facility was built in 365 days,” said Stanivuković.

Bingo has been present in Banja Luka since 2014, and since February 2022, the employees of this company have been working hard to welcome the fall in a new look, Businessinfo reports.


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