Čubrilović: “Construction of the Banja Luka-Prijedor Highway Proceeding as Planned”


Minister of Transportation and Communications of Republika Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilovic, has stated that the construction of the Banja Luka-Prijedor highway is progressing according to the agreed-upon schedule. Work is intensively underway on the 5.2-kilometer section from the Prijedor junction in Orlovi to the Garevci Bridge.

Čubrilovic specified that the current work on this section includes the construction of foundations for various structures, overpasses, and bridges, as well as the development of drainage systems for existing regulated and unregulated waterways.

“Expropriation procedures for properties along the highway route are in progress. After completing the expropriation process, the concessionaire obtained the construction permit for a 13.5-kilometer section from the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction, and Ecology of Republika Srpska, with the phased acquisition of the necessary construction documentation still underway,” stated Cubrilovic.

He emphasized that all activities with the Chinese partner and the highway concessionaire are being conducted in accordance with prescribed conditions, legal procedures, and deadlines. The Republika Srpska Government delivered 46% of the land on the route where the expropriation process has been completed to the concessionaire on March 23 of this year.

It’s important to note that the Republika Srpska Government granted a 30-year concession to the company “SDHS-CSI BH” Banja Luka for the construction of the Banja Luka-Prijedor-Novi Grad highway, with a total value of 297 million euros, in accordance with existing regulations.

Cubrilovic stated that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Republika Srpska, in collaboration with the Chinese partners of the company “SDHS-CSI BH” and relevant institutions, is continuously taking necessary actions to ensure the completion of the Banja Luka-Prijedor highway construction within the envisaged timeframe. The expected completion of the works is in spring 2026.

Regarding the section of the Prijedor-Novi Grad highway, which is an extension of the Banja Luka-Prijedor highway towards Novi Grad, Cubrilovic mentioned that the general route selection project is currently in development, and the contract for this phase is expected to be signed with the same concessionaire as for phase two.

“The Prijedor-Novi Grad highway will continue the route from Banja Luka to Prijedor and then to Novi Grad, forming a connection from the eastern border with Serbia to the western border with Croatia through the Republika Srpska region, passing through several key towns and interconnecting with the European Corridor Vc near Doboj (Johovac),” stated Čubrilovic.

The concession agreement for the construction of the Banja Luka-Prijedor highway defines its length as 42.2 kilometers, with a profile of three traffic lanes in each direction and a median strip. The project also includes the construction of numerous structures, including bridges, viaducts, overpasses, underpasses, ramps, retaining walls, toll booths, a traffic control center, and a rest area.”

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