Der Bangladesch-Tag in der Republik Srpska fand in Zvornik statt


The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević said in Zvornik that there is an increasing shortage of manpower, especially in the processing industry of Srpska.

Petričević, after talking with the Ambassador of Bangladesh to BiH based in The Hague, Riaz Hamidulah, and the Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanović,

told reporters that due to the lack of manpower, many companies from the processing industry cannot fulfill numerous orders on time.

“Everyone who needs to work, this time allows them to do it,” Petričević pointed out.

He assessed that the business meeting in Zvornik with possible investors from Bangladesh with the aim of establishing cooperation between businessmen from Zvornik and this country is a great development opportunity for both sides and added that there is a lot of space for realization of mutual economic cooperation.

“Bangladesh is a big country that has enormous potential, and we can take advantage of certain good connections and cooperation that we have achieved so far,” Petričević said.

Assessing that business meetings are a place where people get to know each other better and connect, Petričević said that there are already certain activities of domestic businessmen who have a connection with Bangladesh and who have started implementing some projects.

Ambassador Hamidullah said that he will use his stay in Zvornik to deepen friendly relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and to inform businessmen about the economy of Bangladesh and the wealth of his country.

Stevanović said that the business meeting is an opportunity for businessmen from Zvornik and beyond to see what Bangladesh has to offer and to learn about a country that has great economic opportunities.

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