Gasification of the eastern part of Srpska is one of the most important projects


The gasification project of the eastern part of Srpska – Šekovići, Vlasenica (Igrišta), Milići, Han Pijesak, Pale (Jahorina), Trnovo, as well as the expansion of the gas network on the territory of the municipalities of Istočno Novo Sarajevo and Istočna Ilidža, was presented today in Istočno Sarajevo.

On the initiative of the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, the gas network should be extended to Rogatica, Sokolac and Višegrad.

Serbian member of the BiH Presidency and Prime Minister Radovan Višković were present on the Presentation.

Dodik said that the Republik of Srpska must develop its energy future independently, in cooperation with partners.

He added that natural gas coming from the east is an energy source that should be counted on in the future, and that Republik of Srpska should develop its own capacities.

He clarified that the flow from Šeković to East Sarajevo will be built, and emphasized that this is one of the most important projects and that it is realistic.

Dodik pointed out the strategic importance of the long-term supply of safe energy sources that do not pollute the environment, such as gas, and noted that non-renewable energy sources are reaching a stage when they can no longer be exploited, such as oil and coal.

-The gas pipeline is something without it will not be possible to develop economically, nor to maintain standards – said Dodik.

The project of gasification of the eastern part of Srpska is very important for Srpska, but a lot of time was lost due to the obstruction of that project from FBiH, said Višković.

I cannot deal with it, that someone has a problem with the fact that Srpska makes a connection with Serbia in Novi Selo near Bijeljina, Pavlović bridge, and that for more than two years no consent is given. We have learned from this and we will not stop and wait with folded hands for you to make a decision or for us to ask you for it – said the Prime Minister of Srpska.

Višković stated that Srpska from the substation in the measuring station in Jakovice near Šeković is going with a new gas pipeline or a new main line that will reach East Sarajevo and in the future move towards Herzegovina.

The Bijeljina-Banjaluka-Novi Grad gas pipeline would have already been built if Sarajevo had allowed the connection when it was requested. Srpska has nothing against FBiH building its “south stream “, as they called it, from the direction of Croatia, through Posušje, towards Mostar and beyond, because Srpska has never disputed any project in the FBiH, and they are racing to dispute the projects in Republika Srpska, Viskovic pointed out.

The gasification project in the area of the eastern part of Srpska is a great development opportunity for this region and is included in the Strategy for the Development of Srpska until 2035, said the Minister of Energy and Mining of Srpska, Petar Đokić.

Đokić emphasized that the strategic planned activity of the construction of a main gas pipeline with a length of 325 kilometers of the gas network, which would connect the area from Semberija to Novi Grad, has been defined.

As part of this, it is planned to build two gas power plants. Currently, we have approved the activity of the Russian company Zarubezneft to build a gas-fired thermal power plant with an installed capacity of approx. 100 megawatts.

It is also a significant project that will improve and increase the volume of energy produced in the future, but in that way we will also get the first kilowatts of electricity from gas – said Đokić.

The total value of the gasification project for the eastern part of Srpska is 70,000,000 KM, said the general manager of the company Sarajevo-gas from East Sarajevo, Nedeljko Elek.

According to him, the project would include Šekovići, Vlasenica /Igrišta/, Milići, Han Pijesak, Pale /Jahorina/, Trnovo, and the expansion of the gas network in the area of the municipalities of East Novo Sarajevo and East Ilidža.

We have to expand it to the municipalities of Sokolac, Rogatica and Višegrad, so we will do a new analysis and business plan soon.

According to the one we worked on, the total value of the investment is 70,000,000 KM, with the fact that every year we make 10,000,000 KM of profit, which we pay into the budget, so this investment will pay off in seven years – Elek pointed out.

Elek especially thanked Dodik, Višković and Đokić for their support and attendance at today’s presentation of the gasification project.

Today is a big day for East of Srpska and we are starting to implement a project that will change the entire appearance of this region, two ski centers, seven municipalities, more than 100 kilometers of new gas pipeline. When we go around and look at all this we will do in the next two years we will be amazed – emphasized Elek.

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