Greek businessmen interested in investing in Srpska


On the sidelines of the prestigious 86th international business fair in Thessaloniki, the delegation of the Investment and Development Bank of Republika Srpska held numerous bilateral meetings with representatives of the Greek economy, as well as the economy of other countries.

With the management of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Athens, headed by acting with the president of the chamber, Sofia Kunenaki Efremoglu, they discussed the cooperation between the businessmen of the Republic of Srpska and Greece, the organization of meetings of representatives of the two businesses, with the aim of investing in the Republic of Srpska, but also joint performance, both on domestic and foreign markets.

The director of the Development and Investment Bank of Greece Haris Lambropoulos, who is also a member of this chamber, was part of the business delegation of Athens. They discussed possible cooperation between the Investment and Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska and the Development and Investment Bank of Greece in the field of investment, but also in the field of the banking sector.

The IRBRS delegation also met with representatives of the Chambers of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises of the cities of Thessaloniki and Athens, led by the President of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises Kapnopolis Anastasios.

Among the numerous meetings of the IRBRS delegation was a meeting with the director of the Department of Economy of the United Arab Emirates “UAE Chambers”, Ahmed Jama Al Ghazi, who also expressed the country’s interest in investing in Republika Srpska.

The participation of IRBRS at the fair in Thessaloniki was part of the activities of the strong promotion of the potential of Republika Srpska abroad, which already brought the first visits of potential foreign investors to the Republic of Srpska.

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