In the Republic of Srpska is increased production and sale of wood assortments


In the Republika Srpska, a total of 1,266,100 cubic meters of various forest assortments were produced in the eight months of this year, or 3.7 percent more than in the same period last year, according to the data of the Republic Institute of Statistics.

Of the total mass, the most logs were produced, namely 431,053 cubic meters of softwood and 236,487 cubic meters of hardwood.

Among the produced assortments are 384,657 cubic meters of hardwood firewood, 112,615 cubic meters of chert wood suitable for wood panels, cellulose, chemical processing.

In the Republika Srpska, 1,269,066 cubic meters of various forest products were sold in eight months of this year, or 1.2 percent more than in the same period last year.

At the end of the observed period, 163,600 cubic meters of various forest assortments were registered in stock.

Secretary of the Association of Forestry and Wood Processing in the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska, Lazo Šinik, told Srna that a modest result was achieved in August, and that the cumulative result achieved for eight months this year is not satisfactory and represents a failure in relation to the planned production.

According to his opinion, it is a failure of the plan by more than 10 percent, which all has an impact on the supply of wood processing capacities and the execution of contractual obligations.

Šinik pointed out that the reason for this is the performance of works in forestry, writes Srna.

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