„Invest Srpska 2022“: Srpska favorable environment for investments


The second investment conference “Invest Srpska 2022” in the organization of the Investment and Development Bank /IRB/ of the Republic of Srpska in cooperation with the Government of Srpska, is held in Prijedor.

Acting Director of the Investment Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska Dražen Vrhovac said that the second investment conference “Invest Srpska 2022” is crown of activities that the IRB of Republika Srpska conducted in the past two years.

In his opening address, he said that they created investment profiles of all municipalities and cities in Srpska, as well as the Republik of Srpska, launched a promotional campaign in the countries they had designated for foreign trade and connected businessmen.

Vrhovac added that contact has been made with more than 30 businessmen from the Russian Federation and that results are expected, since the Russian Federation is a potential for connection, especially in the last few months due to the events in Ukraine.

“I believe that our businessmen will not miss the chance,” said Vrhovac and announced that tomorrow around 5:00 p.m. the conclusions from this conference will be presented to the public.

The mayor of Prijedor, Slobodan Javor, emphasized that the work started on the Prijedor-Banjaluka highway is also good news for investors, as well as for businessmen who already do business in this region.

Conference “Invest Srpska 2022” gathered around 200 participants, as well as guests from Russia, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia and other countries who will talk about the current economic challenges and will be discussed through seven panels today and tomorrow at the hotel “Prijedor”.

The conference was officially opened by Vrhovac and the chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija.

The chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, said that the situation of blocking investment projects due to political spite must be overcome in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, said that Serbia is a favorable environment for investments and that its economic indicators in the region are the best after Serbia.

He says that Srpska has the largest number of employees since this parameter has been measured, as well as insured persons.

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