Roads of Republika Srpska: Multi-Million Investments Across the Republic


Acting Director of the Roads of Republika Srpska, Milan Dakić, stated that the roads in Srpska are in relatively good condition, and several major multi-million investments are currently underway.

Dakić emphasized that this year, the handover of several large projects has been completed, including the Šipovo-Kupres project, worth over 18 million KM (Convertible Marks) , as well as the Srbac-Prnjavor-Teslić road, valued at 27 million KM, which represents a significant investment.

“We are currently working on the Han Pijesak-Sokolac-Podromanija road, with a value of 18 million KM, but we are only halfway through. At the same time, we are working on the Vlasenica-Han Pijesak road, with an investment value of seven million KM,” Dakić stated.

According to him, work is currently in progress on the Foča-Šćepan Polje road in Herzegovina.

“To complete the 5.6-kilometer stretch of road with two serious landslides, 12 million is needed. We are continuing with the Foča-Šćepan Polje project and are in negotiations with the World Bank. We must agree on relocating the border crossing with Montenegro, which is a serious and major project, requiring over 75 million KM. This project is followed by an important route, Gacko-Foča,” Dakić added.

Dakić noted that in Republika Srpska, there are 4,220 kilometers of roads, including regional and trunk roads, with Roads of Republika Srpska responsible for maintaining a portion of local roads as well.

“By a special decision of the Government of Srpska, we also maintain a part of local roads designated as a priority,” Dakić said for ATV.

He pointed out that Republika Srpska inherited roads from the former Yugoslavia that were not designed for the current volume of transportation.

“We monitor all roads that are in trouble, ensuring that documentation is prepared in advance, and then we proceed with the work,” Dakić emphasized.

Regarding the winter season, he stated that everything is prepared.

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