Vogošća becomes the world center of black carbon


The multi-million dollar investment in innovative technology RCB Nanotehnologija d.o.o. in Vogošća is in its final stage and will soon begin work.

This was said in Sarajevo at the “Conversations on the Future” as part of the Sustainable Development Week 2022 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dedicated to the circular economy.

Director Hanadi Džabić, director of RCB Nanotechnologija and one of the founders of the parent company RCB Nanotechnologie GmbH in Germany, which patented the technology for extracting black carbon from materials at the end of its life, said that within the Free Zone of Vogošća, RCB Nanotechnologija established a Technological Development Center for processing of pearl carbon from unusable materials.

“Black carbon, a powder obtained by burning fossil fuels, is found in car tires, plastics, printers… and as such it damages the environment. Three years ago, we noticed that recycling old tires yields oil, gas and iron, but not black carbon of the desired purity and usability, which means the circular circle is not closed. We researched, found a way and patented the technology that ensures us black carbon of high purity”, explained Džabić.

The project and technology is based on a contract with the most famous German Frounhofer Institute for Applied Construction, which owns the patent and will cooperate in the future on the verification and improvement of the project that will be developed in Vogošća.

“We intend to expand our activity in several countries of the world with the goal of 15 percent of the world’s black carbon production. Also, we are working on research on how to reduce toxicity in the production of batteries for electric cars, by production different, self-sustaining ones”, adds Džabić, as reported by Indikator.ba.

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