“Zarubežnjeft” Presents Plans for Continued Operations in Srpska


The management of the Russian company “Zarubežnjeft” presented its business plans for the world, including its activities in the Republic of Srpska, to a delegation from the Republic of Srpska, led by Prime Minister Radovan Višković. This presentation took place in Moscow, and the plans include activities in the Brod Oil Refinery and the Modriča Oil Refinery, among others, as stated by the Srpska Government.

During the meeting, plans for the further development of the sales network, ongoing operations in the Republic of Srpska, and market development were also discussed.

According to the company’s representatives, they plan to further develop the production of compressed gas in Brod and construct a gas plant. In Modriča, they plan to build a solar power plant, for which a memorandum of cooperation was recently signed with the Government of Srpska.

Prime Minister Višković expressed his satisfaction with the existing cooperation with the company and was pleased with the announcements of expanding their operations in Srpska. He stated, “We have seen firsthand what kind of company this is and the extent of their capacities worldwide. They presented to us how they monitor production and outlined their plans for future investments. I am pleased that their plans include the development of the Republic of Srpska.”

Minister of Energy and Mining, Petar Đokić, emphasized the Republic of Srpska’s commitment to continuing its successful cooperation with “Zarubežnjeft” and stated that the company would have the full support of the Republic of Srpska’s institutions for the realization of new projects. He noted that the cooperation with Zarubezhneft has always been at a high level and should remain so.

The meeting was also attended by Luka Petrović, the Director of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske.

“Zarubežnjeft”, a Russian state-owned company, has been operating in the Republic of Srpska since 2007 when it privatized oil industry enterprises in the Republic of Srpska. These enterprises now operate under the brand NESTRO, and they include companies like “Optima Group” in Banja Luka, “Brod Oil Refinery,” “Modriča Oil Refinery,” and “Nestro Petrol” in Banja Luka.

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