New investments in ten spa centers in the Republic of Srpska up to BAM 100 million

Over the next three years, investments of BAM 100 million will be provided for ten spa and medical-spa centers in the Republic of Srpska, in order to make them more competitive and referential at the regional market.

07.02.2020 News
Kardial Banja Vrucica

Spa tourism in the Republic of Srpska is steadily rising each year, and the announced investments will enable the spa centers to further develop and improve their services.

According to the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska, each investment in the spa centers will result in multiple benefits. They pointed out that the RS spa offer was recently presented at the tourism fairs in Bratislava and Madrid, and the international interest in health tourism is at a high level.

“The spa centers need to expand their capacities, primarily their accommodation capacity. We have a competent and qualified professional staff that needs to be employed and adequately paid for their work, but we also need to provide the right equipment for these activities, and we believe that the announced investments will be used for this purpose. The invested money will be quickly returned through an increase in profits”, say the representatives of the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska.

From January to December 2019, the spa centers in the Republic of Srpska recorded 61.000 arrivals and 334.000 overnight stays in tourist accommodation. Compared to the same period in 2018, the statistical data show an increase of 6,7 percent in arrivals and 6,2 percent in overnight stays. According to the data from the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska, the most visited facilities are the spa centers “Vrucica”, “Kulasi” and “Laktasi”.

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